Hello, my name is Leonie.

I’m a wife, mum, Registered nurse...and energy cleaner (not a fan of the word healer).

One year ago, we packed up our house, rented it out and  moved back to my family farm due to my husbands illness. I have taken this time to really focus on what is important, my family, but also to give me the space to finally start my own business.

My journey into energy cleaning (healing) has been a long one with many bumps in the road. Since I was very young I have been very sensitive to other people's energy's - positive and negative energy. In my teenage years I was able to block my abilities to a certain point but my as I moved into early adulthood my abilities were blown open.

With the help of some very experienced practioners in the energy medicine field, I have been able to recognise my abilities, accept them and harness them.

I now have over ten years experience in energy medicine and use many techniques of healing, combining them to give a comprehensive healing. The main techniques that I use include pranic, colour healing, angelic, sharmanic, crystal and tarot card healings.

I chose Little Hut on the Hill as that is  where I will be doing my 'cleaning' ...in a hut (currently a work in progress)!

Thanks for popping in and checking out my blog/website! Drop by again 

Leonie x