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I want to take a moment and share something that happened on Monday, a very timely moment. It was the first day back at school after two weeks off, I had forgotten to set the alarm and my daughter doesn't move quickly ...for anybody, in fact she slows down even more if pressured. I found myself charging across the paddock to my parents house (we still don't have a bathroom) saying 'move, move, move.' My daughter stopped walking, bent down, pick up some leaves and said very calmly, 'mummy, if you don't stop you will miss seeing and hearing things'. Perspective.

 We should listen to our children more because they are wiser than we give them credit for. They haven't yet been sucked into the chaos that we adults have created for ourselves. The constant advancement in technology; phones, social media, the ability to do almost anything now,  we are constantly 'on'...stimulated. Sometimes I feel that there is an expectation that everything has to be done yesterday. Everything is speeding up, we are here, there and everywhere, total bombarded and I feel it is causing anxiety in the masses. It definitely causes my anxiety to sky rocket.

Grounding is a technique that brings me back into the here and now. If I am not grounded, or centred, I am not connected to the earth energy, I am unbalanced and I feel scattered, making it harder to think clearly, concentrate and often results in me not making the best decision. My anxiety levels rise as I start to be pulled in every different direction. Since having my cherubs, and having a physically unwell husband, grounding has truly been my saving grace because I have to pick up the slack when my husband is not able to, almost always at the last minute. But don't get me wrong, I still have moments of being ungrounded. This is when I lose my shit or agree to let my daughter buy a pony or  have chocolate for tea, because I am distracted by ten different situations and she is talking but I am not listening and agree to her demands without even realising that I am doing it.  Sound familiar?

Different techniques I want to share with you that I find fabulous for grounding include creating quite time, breathing techniques, exercise, and crystals.

Creating quite time is essential for me. Turn off your tv, phone, take a day or a weekend off social media, shut out the world and slow down. Bring yourself back into the hear and now.  I love losing my self in a book or  sitting in the garden, its so quite, and is perfect for my breathing exercises.

Breathing is so underrated. Stop for a moment and really take time to notice how you breath. I find that when I am ungrounded my breathing is very shallow. Imagine taking in deep breaths, breathing up from the earth and down from the divine/ sky/ God (whatever floats your boat). Another fantastic visual exercise when breathing in is to use the colours red and orange, perfect grounding colours. Breath in the colours, imagine them filling your whole body up, every living cell glowing with red and/or orange colours.

Crystals. Hematite, Smokey Quartz and Jasper are just some of the great grounding crystals you can use. Wear them as bracelet, necklaces or carry a small one in your pocket. Do your research and find the one that is tailored to your grounding needs as they all work in different ways.

Exercise. The husband bought a set of weights recently and I have taken ownership of them. I am like most people, the thought of exercise is tedious, but the feeling that I get after it is done is what is addictive. The endorphins flow and the feeling of being centred I get is totally worth it.

Most of the above techniques you can adapt into your busy day. Give it a go, it'll be totally worth it. And you won't end up agreeing to chocolate for dinner.








The Golden Three

The Golden Three